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Mazatlan maintains a watchfull eye of providers of nautical tourism services

Although there is no one definition of Nautical Tourism, I consider the definition adopted by the Mexico Ministry of Tourism as my favoured option. The definition is as follows:.

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Nautical Tourism must therefore be considered a tourist product, related with entertainment activities in contact with bodies of water, where many different nautical activities can take place, always with an ecological outlook and respect for nature. In addition to its being an important complimentary offer for a tourist destination, it is also a well defined product whose main characteristic to offer is the ocean'. This form of sustainable tourism can create many new opportunities as well as bringing about a refocusing of existing mature tourism operations.

Lucia gathering 50 vessels that will travel together for 15 months and nearly 26, nautical miles. For five days, about 20 of the 50 participating boats will tour nautical miles from St.

The boaters -- who will stay in the city for one week-- will be able to experience a destination with unique attractions including historical and cultural heritage sites; a great diversity of birds in natural parks; body relaxation and wellness centers, spas and hydrotherapies; sun and sand; diving, among many other regional appeals. Lacouture concluded, "We promote tourism in Santa Marta in 29 markets around the world. According to the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Tourism, based on figures from the Colombian Immigration Department, Santa Marta is the eighth highest city in the country that receives foreign travelers annually.

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Between and more than 40, people visited the capital of Magdalena and 10, travelers so far during the first half of It is one of the top 10 destinations that are part of the IGY marina group -- the association that awards high quality standards, service and infrastructure, and promotes these sites to host major international events.

All of these features are just some of the several reasons why it was selected to be part of the World ARC Rally.

Galicia, Atlantic Destination ยท European Congress of Nautical Tourism

But that is not all; currently there is progress to include a shipyard and dry dock services in addition to the construction of an apartment tower and a hotel.