Air Force Space Command : 50 years of space & missiles

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But peace, as in many places on Earth, is tenuous. If fighting breaks out, it would unfold in the mess of hundreds of communications, navigation, weather, and reconnaissance satellites on which society depends in countless ways. Infrastructure could crumble without a single shot fired.

National security and global prosperity at stake

So what interest would our commerce secretary have in exploring the cosmos? He also predicted a huge increase in asteroid mining, which Ross explained is quite different than the terrestrial mining he had experience with in the past.

Defense Space Test Program -50 Years

All the very valuable minerals — gold, silver, platinum, rare minerals — are right on the surface, said Ross. You just have to get there.

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First Test MH-139 Coming in December; AMC Faces Increased Needs; What’s Next for AFSOC ISR Planes?

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Space and Missile Defense Symposium

All she needs is a nudge in the right direction. A new report found that CCTV surveillance is increasing in certain areas of the US, with one city government watching its citizens from 35, cameras. Bean doesn't have an ego about wanting to stay alive on screen, he just doesn't want his roles to be predictable for viewers.

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Geologists' new analysis of rocks show old continents, including Greater Adria and Zealandia, from millions of years ago lie buried beneath Earth's surface.

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    Can you figure out this math problem involving a frog's approximate amount of leaps it needs to get to the other side of the river? Such a document needs to explain how the military can protect American space capabilities from external threats. According to workshop participants, this strategy needs to be developed in a three-step effort, of which the report constitutes the first step. The workshop developed eight scenarios that changed based on three variables: the level of human presence in space, the commercial potential of space and U.

    Here are the eight scenarios envisioned by the Space Futures Workshop:.

    Trump Announces Creation Of ‘Space Force’ — But Do We Need One? - Digg

    The U. Garden Earth: The Star Trek scenario, but with far fewer people. Most space activities are controlled remotely. Elysium: The U. Space is not a very profitable arena and commercial activity has not progressed far beyond present day. Zhang He: Another nation has supplanted U. Thousands of people live and work in space, but revenue is largely directed toward the dominant nation.

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    Wild Frontier: No nation is dominant in space, but space has become highly profitable. Human presence is limited. Commercial space has not progressed far beyond present day. Space Today: The U.