Every Witch Way But Wicked (Wicked Witches of the Midwest, Book 2)

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The recent college graduate just landed her dream job. That's right. She's a bona fide monster hunter. No, you read that right. Charlie has joined the Legacy Foundation, and her actual job is to find something new, wonderful and scientifically unique. Scout Randall is more than a witch on a motorcycle.

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Then the impossible happened, tragedy struck, and Izzy found herself an orphan. Her grandfather took her away and raised her among the Bruja in New Orleans, although her heart always longed to return to the gate Great-Aunt Tillie is selling wine at the curb of The Overlook - like it's a lemonade stand - and her mother and aunts are about to burn someone at the stake. Unfortunately, it's up to her and cousin Bay to put out the fire.

When the two cousins take a stand, they're interrupted by the arrival of an injured and dazed little girl. She won't speak, and she appears to have undergone some sort of trauma. When her father approaches her with an opportunity to serve as an in-house psychic for the opening of his new inn, Clove jumps at the chance. It will be an opportunity for her and Sam to spend some much-needed time alone - and have some fun in the process. Of course, since she's a Winchester witch, nothing goes as planned. Join the Winchester witches - and those who love them - for a bevy of mischief and mayhem.

You see, Mystic Caravan is more than an entertainment venue.

Every Witch Way But Wicked (Wicked Witches of the Midwest #2)

Unfortunately for him, relaxation isn't in the cards. When his boss hands him a cold case from Hemlock Cove before he leaves for an extended weekend, Landon is annoyed. When Thistle Winchester gets a vision from the file, bother turns to intrigue. Just a tip, the witches are more fun. Aisling Grimlock never thought she'd join the family business. In fact, she was dead set against it. When an economic downturn causes her to lose her job, she's forced to go to desperate measures to earn a living.

Aisling comes from a big family of grim reapers - no, that's right. She's the youngest of five siblings - and the only girl - and the testosterone is going to hit the fan when the Grimlocks try to teach Aisling the ropes and keep her safe at the same time. Where there's a witch, there's a way! Where there's a whole family of them, there's trouble. Bay Winchester, editor of Hemlock Cove's small weekly newspaper, thinks her small hamlet's upcoming murder mystery weekend is going to be all about fun, food, and frolicking.

Instead, when another dead body is discovered in Hemlock Cove, things turn into murder, mayhem, and migraines the latter is mostly thanks to her family, of course. The body belongs to the town drunk - and no one can figure out who would want to kill him, or why. Bay's investigation is stymied by her new boss, Brian Kelly, and her old flirtation, FBI agent Landon Michaels, both of whom seem to have more than interviews on their mind. When you couple that with her cousin Thistle's obsession with making their Great-Aunt Tillie pay for the curse she recently put on them you don't want to know and her cousin Clove's conviction that she is not - no matter what the rest of the family says - a blabbermouth, Bay has her hands full.

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When the murder investigation takes a turn, though, a long-held Hemlock Cove secret is bound to be exposed. If it is, Bay may find herself in trouble - again - and this is the kind of trouble that she may not be able to find a way out of - even with Aunt Tillie's help. Although I'm still abruptly jolted out of the story by more adverb over usage than I can count, the story isn't as forecasted and it's more challenging to figure who-done-it.

The narrator needs to stop assuming she knows how to pronounce words she's apparently not heard before an unfortunate side effect of big readers. It pulls me away from the story every time. Do you even listen and critique?

At lease Aris is beginning to slow down and enjoy telling the story instead of beating all speed reading records. Act it and it's far more enjoyable for all of us. Professional narration is no longer merely reading a story aloud. It's an entertainment industry and meant to bring the story to life. What did you like least? This book wasn't exactly what I had been hoping for.

Actually I am not sure how I even made it to the end. Let's face it, the book was boring. It had no substance to it. Even the characters you do not get to know well. The entire book was focused on a house full of women that had to fight and bicker constantly, with a few dead bodies thrown in for good measure. How it could even claim to be a mystery book is beyond me as well.

I guessed right away who it was because there was only a handful of people it could of been. Who should the stars be? The performance was absolutely horrible. It sounded like someone was reading a book to me and not doing a very good job of it. At one point in the book she was actually reading with her nose plugged. It sounded so awful that I burst out laughing. Both the author and the narrator need to get new jobs. What could have made this a 4 or 5-star listening experience for you?

A different narrator, one who knows how to pronounce simple words like "vehemently. Also, an audio book should be more of a play and less of a speed read. Giving the characters personality and life makes for a much more enjoyable listen. The narrator was monotonal, has little to no grasp of word pronunciation, and reads too fast. I drive 1, miles every week for work. To make is less tedious, I listen to a lot of audio books, this has been my least favorite so far. Boring but I could not tell if it was the reader or the story itself.

This book, oh, this book. It has a great premise. Its execution is not even that horrible. It has as good a plot as you are going to find in this type of book.

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It has almost likeable characters. There is plenty of sequel bait if one likes it to have the opportunity for many more. But the editing. Wait, there was no editing.

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If there was editing, the author needs a refund. I guess her eyebrows were up in arms about something. Still don't know how one can do that confrontationally unless they were advancing on someone else. I don't understandably understand. And I added my comments only because that is what I thought when I heard those clips. I was taken out of the story time and time again by comments like these. Every action had an adverb in front of it.

They couldn't be slumbering, they had to be "happily slumbering. She couldn't just be "curious," she had to be "understandably curious. That is the kind of stuff that will make people not remember your story but remember your -ly adjectives and adverbs being unrelenting. And then there was the dialogue. There were a number of good parts of the book. I liked the characters when they weren't so snarky or know it all.

I liked some of the parent-child interactions. But much of the book was cute and quirky for cute and quirky's sake. Since I did listen to the Audible version, I will say a thing or two about the narrator. First, she read very, very swiftly. Second, she pronounced some words incorrectly. See, that dang -ly popping up again.