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But he became famous for a line poem written solely to amuse his children. Nicholas, turning him into jolly Santa Claus, a plump, happy go lucky elf with a sleigh full of toys and eight flying reindeer. Not least, he set St. Nicholas's visit on December 24, not December 5, the eve of St.

Nicholas' day. Moore mixed a number of European legends together: the gift giving of the Dutch St. Nicholas, the Norse god Thor's sleigh pulled by flying goats, the chimney descent of a mythical visitor in Germany, and the French and Italian practice of hanging stockings. And the name was an Americanization of the Dutch nickname Sinter Clas. It is remarkable how long it took before our modern symbols of Christmas became fixed. The first painting of St. Nicholas by an American artist did not appear until In the early days, Santa Claus didn't necessary give children presents; he was often pictured holding a birch rod in his hands, and he punished children with his gift of a whipping.

While Clement Moore had given the country a written description of the ideal St. Nicholas, it was the political cartoonist Thomas Nast who developed the visual image of Santa Claus. Nast was the cartoonist who created the Republican elephant and the Democratic donkey.

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When he was just years-old, Nast gave Santa his familiar shape: fat and jolly, with a stocking cap and a long white beard. Previously, Santa Claus was often depicted as tall, thin an domineering - often with black hair and a stiff brimmed hat. Nast's first Santa Claus appeared during the Civil War in as a morale booster for Northern soldiers. His drawings showed Santa arriving at a camp of Union soldiers in his reindeer sleigh, wearing a special suit decorated with the stars and stripes. But it was not until that a Boston printer named Louis Prang introduced a Christmas card that portrayed Santa in a red suit.

Around the same time, a store in Brockton, Massachusetts, had the first department store Santa. Coke hired a Chicago artist to create a Christmas advertising campaign. The artist, Haddon Sundblom, produced a new archetype for Santa Claus. America during the Great Depression needed a hearty symbol of happy consumerism, and Sundblom gave him to us. The now famous Santa is no fairy tale pixie.

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He looks like a kindly uncle who enjoys his work. He raids the refrigerator and takes time to play with the family dog. Christmas carols, too, do not have a long history. Silent Night was not born until It was intended to make a list, preferably just after Christmas, when the impressions are still fresh and unused. Of course, you did not do it again. Always these personal requirements, which you never meet then.

This year it will succeed, it shows convincingly. One is motivated, still. Then it has to be decorated. The boxes are taken out of the cellar or from the attic, at least from where the stuff you kept from last year has been put there. A little something new is added. After all, you do not always want to see the same thing. So much comes together over time. Crate piled on crate. You do not want to give anything away.

After all, there are memories of good mags being left undecided.

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Probably the one who keeps only the good things in mind. Well that? One forgets about what one has annoyed in the last year, what you wanted to do differently. You have to shop. You have to decorate the house. You have to clean. That maybe before.

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You have to bake cookies. At least once. Therein lies so much appreciation. You want that damn appreciation. You have to wrap up the presents. One must.

Galway Erasmus students back on familiar ground for Christmas

You always have to. Do you have to? It has always been like this, for many, many years. This is Christmas. A single collection of musts. It heaps up.

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Of course, you have to go all year round, but as crowded as in the pre-Christmas period, otherwise it is not necessary. You do not question it either. Just as you do not question getting up, brushing your teeth, drinking coffee and all the other things you do on a daily basis. Automatisms that facilitate. But what if these automatisms do not make life easier but even more difficult? Everyone is grumpy and drained and stressed, but you still do it differently. Because it has to be that way. Trump can't afford a recession. He's relying on a team that is often at odds with one another and which has undergone multiple changes over the past several months.

Trump now finds himself surrounded less and less by those who guided his administration's economic policy for its first two-and-a-half years as concerns about a recession grow inside the West Wing. Here are five risks facing the US economy. Trump and his campaign are counting on a robust economy to get him reelected. The voters who approve of Trump's performance in office say the No.

With reelection on his mind, Trump boasted about the recent performance of the stock market during a campaign rally in New Hampshire Thursday night, where he asserted that even Americans who don't like him have "no choice but to vote" for him, or else the economy will collapse. While stocks tumble, Trump tweets The importance of the economy to his political future has long been an underlying theme of Trump's discussions with his team, people familiar with the conversations said, even as the make-up of that team changes over time.

His chief economic adviser Larry Kudlow, who is approaching two years on the job, is expected to leave in the coming months. His top economist Kevin Hassett exited with a promise to be "a resource Trump has even lashed out at one of his most loyal Cabinet secretaries, Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin, over stalled trade talks with China, the officials said.

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Mnuchin is dealing with an exodus of his own at the Treasury Department, with multiple top aides leaving in recent months. Trump has since turned to more hardline aides such as Peter Navarro, the hardline trade and manufacturing adviser, who defend his tough moves on China and assure him there will be an economic rebound.

Trump feels 'very good' about donating 2nd-quarter salary to Surgeon General's Office. Trump has shown an affinity for aides with an eye toward the political implications of economic decisions rather than in-depth knowledge of economic policy, the people said.

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  • He's also grown annoyed in briefings when the discussion becomes overly technical or in the weeds. Mnuchin, who headed the finance operation for Trump's campaign, remains the President's closest adviser on economic issues, according to people familiar with the team's dynamics, even as Trump complains about the lack of progress on trade talks which Mnuchin oversees. That's partly due to his longevity in the administration, the people said.