Gauge Field Theories: An Introduction with Applications

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1st Edition

The symmetries of nature are the guiding principle, illuminating the presentation of the concept of renormalisation and its applications in gauge theories, from a thorough and pedagogical analysis of Quantum Electrodynamics, to the exploration of Quantum Chromodynamics and the SM, including the role of the Higgs field, and beyond. Everybody can find some food for thought here: from the graduate student to the most hardened researcher.

This book is full of physical insights and is highly recommended. The book covers a vast amount of material, including the basics of quantum field theory, gauge theories and their applications to the Standard Model or Theory of particle physics, in addition to an exploration of its potential extensions. Following the discovery of the Higgs particle, it is welcome to have a complete discussion on the basic theoretical aspects of the most fundamental theory we know so far.

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Based on a set of lectures given by the authors over the years, this book is very pedagogic and well structured. The path integral formalism is used throughout the book, and its simple presentation and excellent balance between concepts and calculational tools makes it an ideal textbook for an upper division undergraduate courses, though it will also prove useful as an excellent text for PhD students and professional physicists working in a variety of different fields.

I was right.

Introduction To gauge Field Theory

This volume, the third in the series, is as clearly and beautifully written as the previous ones. It is an excellent introduction to the quantum theory of gauge fields and their applications to particle physics. Written in the same spirit as the first two volumes, it follows a deductive and physical approach.

All technical concepts are first motivated by physical requirements and then developed with rigour and precision.

Introduction to Gauge Field Theory Revised Edition

This last volume, partly based on lectures notes by N. Cabibbo , is elegantly revised and updated by his coauthors. Although familiarity with the previous volumes: Relativistic Quantum Mechanics, by L. Maiani and O. Benhar, and Electroweak Interactions by L. Maiani, both published by CRC-Press, is recommended, this textbook can be read independently by someone familiar with relativistic quantum mechanics, second quantization, and electroweak phenomenology.

From transition amplitudes to Green functions, the Feynman path integral is used to lead the reader through the intricacies of QED and the electroweak field, up to the QCD theory of strong interactions. Hoping that they may still be discovered in the near future in the upgraded LHC, nonetheless the authors encourage the construction of a future generation of accelerators to continue one of the most wonderful human quests, that of High Energy Physics.


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Introduction to Gauge Field Theories

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  • Yet, recent work shows that probability amplitudes in quantum gauge field theories , such as those describing the Standard Model and its extensions, take surprisingly simple forms.