Gilbert Onderdonk: the nurseryman of Mission Valley, pioneer horticulturist

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He spelled bis name "Isaac Underdunck. Cbildren : Arean Adrian , b. April 25, bapt. Jamaica Aug. July 29, Robert, b. Cornelius, b.

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April 9, bapt. April 20, , in New York City, d. March 30, March 30, , d. Children : Sara, b. Elsie, bapt. New Brunswick, N. Six Mile Run, N. Rachel probably , m. April 21, , at Jamaica, L. He was b. Philip Sarvent came from Holland at the age of 13, and was employed as a farm laborer by Cornelius Cuyper. He remained with him 13 years, and tlicu purchased his employer's farm of 55 acres. Y, On this property he re- mained until his death in He had four sons, Philip, Adrian, Abraham and Garret, two of whom died on this place. The old stone house which was purchased by Philip stood about yards from the river.

The bricks with which the chimney was built were broufjltt from Holland. This old house was re- moved about During the struggle for independence the British fleet was, at one time, anchored in the river directly in front of the farm, and a foraging party which was sent ashore in two row-galleys attempted to land near the house.

The movements of the enemy had been observed, and Adrian Sarvent, Cornelius Cuyper, Peter Freeland, Henry Palmer and Major Smith went to the river's edge and poured into them such a deadly volley of musket balls that they were compelled to d by Google db,Google aS Ondebdonk Family return to the vessels. The fleet then opened a re- taliating fire and planted a number of six-pound balls in the ground around them.

At first these old can- non balls were not looked upon as curiosities, and as they were brought to the surface they were sold as old iron. But after a time a greater value began to be attached to them, and they were more carefully preserved. The last one found on the place is in the possession of the present owner and is prized very highly. In those days there were no burglar and fire-proof vaults in which to store valuables, and the settlers were often obliged to bury whatever they wished to keep from the enemy.

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He is buried in the old burying ground at Upper Nysck. His stone reads: "In memory of Mr. Sarvent who died August A. Adrian, b. David Ilanssen. Children : Sara, J twins, bapt. Elsje, bapt. June 21 or 28, , at Oyster Bay, L.

Hcgeman of Oyster Bay, L. Children : Maria, b. Wil- hemus Hoagland. Andris, b. May Marya Symcsse Simonson. Elbert, b. June 2, , d. Mary Smith. July 14, , at Jamaica, L. March, , Sarah Remsen, b.

April 9, They settled at Tappan, Orange County, N. Children : 43 Andries, b. Jamaica, Feb. Giles Seaman. Adrian Smith. April 4, , m.

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An- drew Onderdonk. Maria, bapt. July 9, , at Succpss, L. He was a son of Elbert Hegeman and Marytie Rapalje. Children : Geertniy or Charity, b. I, , d. He was a son of Joost Hegeman. April 16, , d. Paniel, b. April i, ; lost at sea Sept. May 22, ; m. Children : Peter, d.

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Adriaen, b. Gertrude, bapt. June 6, , at Jamaica, L. July 9, ; m. May 12, Children : Marya, bapt. May 12, , d.

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Peter, b. Thomas, bapt, Aug. July 13, , d. William, bapt. Sarah, b. May 16, , d.

Gilbert Onderdonk

March 31, , at North Hempstead, L. July 12, , d.

She was dau. Hendrick Onderdonk, if not the founder, waa chief promoter of the growth of Roslyn. He started there in with a county store ; his grist mill soon became a great flouring establishment, and his bake- house enabled him to ship biscuit aa well as flour to the West Indies. He closed liis prosperous career by establishing in the first paper mill on Long Is- land. He had from time to time bought up much of the land sicirting the mill swamp, but owing to the premature death of his son Andrew, as well as his own advancing years, he gradually parted With most of his property and retired from active life.