Globalization and National Economic Welfare

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Yet the effective institutional framework for dealing with these problems remains national. In contrast to the neo-liberal approach, the author argues that the state, as the only form of organization that has the power to reconcile conflicts of interest nationally and internationally, has a critical role to play in ensuring that globalization does not end in failure and war. Erweiterte Suche.

Globalization and National Economic Welfare

Springer Professional. Inhaltsverzeichnis Frontmatter Introduction Frontmatter 1. Yet it is clear from the rapidly growing literature on the subject, and the increasingly heated debate which it has stimulated, that there is little agreement about the meaning of the term, even less agreement about the processes that bring globalization about, and no agreement at all about its effects.

As a result, the international community appears to be in the middle of major economic, cultural and institutional changes that are imperfectly understood despite the general feeling that their potentially far-reaching consequences deserve special attention. It is, therefore, in the very nature of the continuous specialization and segmentation of production and distribution processes that they increase the problem of communication and, thus, the risk of failure. The ability to achieve a particular economic objective depends increasingly on the compatibility and timing of a vast number of seemingly unrelated actions carried out by a large number of people.

To complicate matters further, in the absence of coercion no objective can be attained unless it is, first of all, accepted by those whose participation is essential for its realization.

Globalization of Politics

Arguments concerning the role of government in economic change have been at the centre of economic debate since the eighteenth century. Yet, if anything, they are probably even further from producing a consensus now than they were more than two hundred years ago when two eminent Scots championed the familiar, diametrically opposed views: Sir James Steuart [] , that the state had a critical role to play in economic development and Adam Smith [] , that the role would be performed much more effectively by markets guided by the invisible hand of self-interest.

Economic Globalization : Documentary on the History of Economic Globalization (Full Documentary)

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