Isolarion: A Different Oxford Journey

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Isolarion: A Different Oxford Journey - PDF Free Download

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Share this product with your friends and family! Facebook Twitter Googleplus Pinterest Email. Product description "Through the centuries, people from all walks of life have heard the siren call of a pilgrimage, the lure to journey away from the familiar in search of understanding.

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Along with the book, James recorded an album called Orphan Train : to hear tracks or buy the album from iTunes or Amazon, follow links on the Music page of this site.

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For countless millennia mankind lived in step with the cycles of the moon, planting crops, setting out on journeys, wooing lovers and gathering harvests according to its celestial clockwork. It is little more than a century since this connection was decisively broken.

Now more and more of us live in realms of perpetual day, in which twenty-four-hour illumination all but obliterates the majesty of the night sky.

Isolarion A Different Oxford Journey

The soundtrack to these wanderings is as diverse as their geography. The midnight song of a mockingbird in Brooklyn; the grumbling of a Japanese volcano at a steaming, sacred spring; a Beethoven sonata, bounced off the lunar surface. Most bizarrely of all, a haunting image of an elderly man standing in front of a map of the moon leads to a solitary prison cell in Berlin…. A voyage by way of digressions.

Isolarion a Different Oxford Journey Attlee James 0552775231

Through observation and comparison, of ritual, belief and family, he reinforces the common needs of humanity. James wrote the text for this survey of the life and career of British painter Graham Dean in Super book of course. I like the discussions about wasteful and crappy night lighting, relative to the natural night. Through the centuries, people from all walks of life have heard the siren call of a pilgrimage, the lure to journey away from the familiar in search of understanding.

But is a pilgrimage even possible these days for city-dwellers enmeshed in the pressures of work and family life? Or is there a way to be a pilgrim without leaving one's life behind?

Isolarion: A Different Oxford Journey

James Attlee answers these questions with Isolarion , a thoughtful, streetwise, and personal account of his pilgrimage to a place he thought he already knew- the Cowley Road in Oxford, right outside his door. Isolarion takes its title from a type of fifteenth-century map that isolates an area in order to present it in detail, and that's what Attlee, sharp-eyed and armed with tape recorder and notebook, provides for Cowley Road.

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  4. The former site of a leper hospital, a workhouse, and a medieval well said to have miraculous healing powers, Cowley Road has little to do with the dreaming spires of the tourist's or student's Oxford.