Live Like You Were Dying

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If you let them know why you're asking, it won't be as uncomfortable asking these kinds of questions and you're likely to get honest answers. If you have trouble coming up with specific ideas for your legacy list, here are a few ideas from social work bloggers , April Greene and Wendy Griffith, that will help create special memories and foster traditions:. The key is to think about how you would like to be remembered. What stories would you like your loved ones to tell their loved ones about you?

What examples would you like to set for future generations? But most importantly, make it fun. This is not about death and dying; this is about purposeful, positive, and meaningful life and living. What do I do with the list once I make it? Once you have created a legacy list, make it happen.

We make excuses all the time for not doing what we should be doing—I don't have time; I'm too old; I'm too young; It's not going to matter. Push past all of that nonsense. You do have time. There is no bad time to begin creating a legacy. And it definitely matters. So carve out a little time each week to make important connections with those who are important to you. Before you know it, you will have built a powerful legacy that will not only enhance the quality of your life, but also the lives of generations to come. Follow Dr. Bourg Carter on Facebook and Twitter.

Thank you Dr. Carter; this is a wonderful post. I remember reading an article written by a hospital intern who had spoken to those nearing the ends of their lives. What stuck with me was her message that the most frequent desires or regrets that those people had were related to their connections and relationships with other people.

Bucket lists are great, but how are you coming on your legacy list?

For example, some people regretted having not mended a broken relationship with others. Items I've seen listed on bucket lists tend to be one-shot, individual activities e.

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I think those activities are fine, but there's something to be said about regularly contributing to the well-being of others by, for instance, regularly volunteering one's time and efforts to help those in need. There have been countless PT blogs about spending on experiences with others being a greater contributor of happiness than spending on material gain. So it's not hard to imagine that doing so will not only lead to a more meaningful, fulfilling legacy, but also a happier life as well. That's right.

Live like you were dying

Life isn't about how much money you make or what material possessions you have. Enjoying just a few good friends and relatives, taking in the environment around you, and maybe ng a good single malt once in a while are the real components of lasting happiness. My thanks to you Dr Carter as well as to the previous poster, Kenii, for sentiments of prescience and profound words of wisdom.

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Live Like You Were Dying

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