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There's no clear line of distinction between paprika and chili.

Also the size of the fruit counts. The large varieties are often called paprika even if they are quite hot. Expressions :. Definition from Wiktionary, the free dictionary. English Wikipedia has an article on: paprika.

Paprika: A Hungarian Spice With A Mexican Origin - SPICEography

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Cooking with Paprika

Web Importing Paprika's built in web browser allows you to browse for recipes anywhere on the web. Smart Grocery Lists Paprika makes grocery shopping easy. Make multiple grocery lists and organize and customize your grocery aisles. Interactive Recipes Track your progress by crossing off ingredients when you're done with them, and tap to highlight the current directions step.


Its name is the diminutive of a Slavic word for pepper: "Papar. More: 11 things to know before visiting Hungary. There are two -- yes, two -- paprika museum s. And two paprika festivals -- one in the town of Kalocsa Hungarian site only and another in Szeged , which has been the center of the Hungarian paprika industry for more than a century.

Hotel Paprika (Hotel), Hegyeshalom (Hungary) Deals

And, no, Szeged doesn't have a huge fiberglass paprika pepper on a pole just outside town. The two museums are also both working production plants.

Visitors to the Paprika Molnar Hungarian site only factory, in the village of Roszke, get a guided tour from the company's CEO, Anita Molnar, as well as a spice sample. Dried paprika peppers resemble red potato chips and can be eaten like that -- they're a big hit among kids visiting the Molnar factory.

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Hungarian paprika is super sweet. It takes seven months, from seed to ground powder, to produce paprika. Hungarian paprika peppers are sweeter than others because of the country's cool growing season, which retains sugar in the spice. In the s, the peppers were of such a hot variety they could only be used after the pith had been removed, typically by women workers. More: Guide to Hungary's signature dishes.