Quipudata Case: Implementing a Quality Initiative in an It Organization

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The Quipudata Case - Implementing a Quality Initiative in an it Organization (Electronic book text)

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There is no question of waiting-time for new editions. There is no transportation in order to the eBook shop. The books at an eBook go shopping can be downloaded quickly, sometimes for free, occasionally for any fee. Having a homogenous company helped. We did monthly audits to monitor the project and worked hard to explain all company members the benefits we would achieve from this new management model. I think we made it. We enrolled everybody and gradually people became more and more committed to the process. Once the Backus Corporation at large had adopted and accepted the management model and QUIPUDATA, in particular, it became obvious that an IT tool was needed to create the company-wide and corporate facilities required introducing indicatorbased management and following up strategies.

In March , QUIPUDATA launched a project to develop software to test the management model by providing follow-up for work-style practices introduced throughout the corporation, and the corresponding achievements. Appendix 3 describes this tool. The c. Together with strict enforcement of continuous improvements at all levels, it creates a significant competitive advantage; information technology is the means to facilitate the adoption of better managing practices.

Management conducts ongoing investigation to adopt best management practices and technological breakthroughs, while exerting strong leadership in guiding the design and follow-up of business management plans. Additionally, identifying and including best management practices and technological breakthroughs will be faster and all these will contribute to better results and ever higher performance across the company.

Some of the most relevant practices are: 1. Leadership: Management actively takes part in designing and following up plans for continuous improvement in management quality. It pays special attention to public recognition of outstanding people and projects, and strictly implements the plan for improving the role-played by management. Community outreach initiatives in education traineeships and grants and the environment conserving natural resources also get attention.

A strict design and control process for the management plan is enforced, while external and internal audits are based on performance indicators discussed in overseeing meetings. The customer satisfaction improvement program for both internal and outside customers includes surveys to gauge the quality of services rendered and the subsequent improvement actions.

Also available is the customer claim system. Other mechanisms to manage client relations include project management, maintenance requests and service orders. Human resource development: A modern personnel management system promotes growth and incentives for workers who are deeply involved in various committees, improvement and innovation projects, and contributes their suggestions, which are.

QUIPUDATA counts on its team of facilitators to provide process support from its internal resources, and it also enforces a program for ongoing organizational climate improvement. Its innovation projects adopt technological breakthroughs while the supply management program incorporates suppliers and improves their contribution to value creation. A benchmarking program provides updated information on results indicators and best management practices. Results: Chart 2 shows some company-side indicators.

The above indicators stem from the company strategy. Relations among them have been identified over time. In , after a deep analysis of QUIPUDATA possibilities in the commercial market, its management decided to implement a quality system based on ISO to assure quality standards in its processes in order to gain competitiveness in the information technology services market. Expenditures to Management Ratio Scoring These processes were priories to take advantage of the chance to serve local companies.

To implement the quality system, work teams belonging to the different involved areas in the system were made up. An internal consulting group formed with trained personnel in system quality lead auditor and facilitators supported the implementation process.

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It was developed in the following stages: 1. Planning to define the implementation strategy in a detailed work plan. The activities that must be accomplished, their deadlines, and their milestones were stated.

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Besides, the project organization and the roles of each of its members were defined. In the carrying-out stage, all the personnel involved were trained in ISO issues. The procedures to be regulated were identified and the requirements to achieve the norm exigency were stated. To avoid delays in the planned work and to correct any trouble, the leader of the project stated meeting sessions to track the progress. Two internal audits and general revision by the directors were performed to verify the project advance and level of accomplishment within the ISO requirements.

To get an independent feedback over the processes to be certificated, an external precertification audit was developed. The final certification audit, carried out by an international acknowledged certifier company, was achieved without any discrepancy. Through the organizational change process, QUIPUDATA has created new competencies among its personnel, developed methodologies and a range of software products while enhancing its main service offerings.

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All this has opened new opportunities for the future. It has carried on the evolution of an information technology organization as shown in Figure 4. McNurlin, B. Information Systems Management in Practice 4th ed. His research interests include electronic business, systems development approaches, and conflict management in the development process.

He has published in the areas of the use of global applications of information technology, the management of the systems development process, and the consequences of information technology in organizations. His research interests include electronic business, and impact of information technology on economic and social issues. He received his PhD in management information systems from the University of Minnesota. His research interests include electronic business, strategic impact of information technology, group support systems, and the adoption and diffusion of information technology in organizations.

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Constructores S. Moreover, it provides an early warning system to identify deviations from fixed goals by means of a graphic warning mechanism while recording the cause-effect relationships within each performance indicator and their fluctuations over time, thus allowing improvement or innovation organizational initiatives.

It can be easily introduced into any management model thanks to its flexibility and smooth operation. This system allows users to create management assessment, in various aspects and sub-aspects as necessary. For each such component, users must identify representative indicators. Each indicator is standardized following a guide including eight criteria that are recorded within the system: 1. Mathematical expression. Conceptual expression defining the indicator itself. Proposed objective for indicator measurements.