The Hunters Cookbook: The Best Recipes to Savor the Experience

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Login Logout My Account. All the best keto recipes in one place. Mad Creations is a cooking community sharing our love for great food. Our focus is on providing you with a fresh innovative approach to the Keto diet. We want to provide you with the best low carb recipes and keto meal plans.

Ketogenic recipes that are simple, fast and packed with flavour. August 21, 24 Comments. August 19, 22 Comments. August 18, 31 Comments.


August 13, 8 Comments. August 6, 4 Comments. July 29, 3 Comments. Join the Club today! Get access to exclusive content, recipes, meal planning guidance and more. Type your text and hit enter to search. Be the first to write a review. Add to Wishlist. Ships in 7 to 10 business days. Link Either by signing into your account or linking your membership details before your order is placed. Description Product Details Click on the cover image above to read some pages of this book! Readers will discover tasty and creative recipes for cooking all types of game, including: deer elk moose bear turkey pheasant grouse alligator fish Whether experts or novices in the kitchen or at the barbecue, readers will find new and exciting adventures for their taste buds.

2. Visit a grocery store.

Industry Reviews "I am a Wisconsin girl born and raised to love and appreciate the beauty of God's creation. Red Hot Smokin! BBQ Burgers Bird. In Stock.

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Meat The ultimate companion. Hardcore Carnivore Cook meat like you mean it. Franklin Steak Live-Fired. It is one of my favorite nights of the year. I love the 4th of July in Provo.

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It starts with the freedom run, hot air balloons, parade, BBQ, fireworks! What could be better?! The whole extended family comes and we play Minute-to-Win-It games and eat lots of yummy food. Even the smallest children can participate and they love watching thier parents compete in the games too! My favorite holiday tradition is when my Dad would use his missionary flip charts to re-tell the Easter story. We all bring a favorite finger food we have found that year.

So I will be gleaning your site and others to find exactly what i want to take this year. It is the only time that our entire extended family meets together throughout the year. My favorite holiday tradition is our Christmas advent calendars. We have multiple versions, from a felt tree with ornaments, number blocks, and chocolate.

I try to do the same things with my kids that I did growing up. The tradition goes back over 40 years.

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My favorite holiday tradition centers around homemade gifts from the kitchen. I also like to try my hand at new goodies, too. Last holiday season I made salted caramels for the first time and they went over so well that I had family members coaching others on the best way to eat them in order to get the maximum enjoyment.

I still had people inquiring well into February abot any I may have stashed away and now, in August, reminding me to make them again this year! My family is all spread out across the West and so we still do it via skype.

Meat Eater

My favorite holiday tradition as a child my parents would fill our stockings and hide them for us to find. They always hid them in the most creative places! The ones we did have slowly gone aside as my parents divorced 2 years ago after 40 years together and my mother in law passed away last winter. So, we are going to start new ones this year. I feel like we are still getting into the grove of our own little family traditions. But so far, my favorite christmas tradition is walking around the corner, by the American Museum of Natural History, picking out a little tree that will fit in our little NYC apartment and having the kids carry it home with a lot of help from us.

It has surprised me how much I love this very urban tradition since, in my heart, I feel like a very rural sort of gal. I love to bake Christmas goodies every year way before Christmas that involves all the warm spices such as cloves, ginger, oranges, cinnamon etc. I only make these goodies for Christmas and one of the favorite things I love Christmas morning is setting the table with a bright red tablecloth and making a warm rice pudding that I serve with cinnamon sugar. Something definitely at Christmas time, probably opening up a present on Christmas Eve with our house lit only by candlelight!

They have a simple dinner of bread, cheese, and peaches on Christmas Eve. This year, I added honey and home made French bread. My favorite holiday tradition is making homemade turtle candies with my grandma. She has now passed but my mom, sister, and I keep the tradition going. My favorite holiday tradition is making Cinnamon Roll Christmas Trees!

I could go for some right now.

THE HUNTER'S COOKBOOK: The Best Recipes to Savor the Experience

My favorite holiday at Christmas is to have Santa hide th stockings and we all have to find them before anyone can open them. I love all Christmas traditions. Especially making Christmas cookies! My daughter was old enough to help this year, soo fun! My favorite holiday tradition is the hidden pickle at Christmas time.

We did it as kids and now I love to see my kids and niece hunting for the pickle for a silver dollar from Grandpa and the right to pick the first present! We invite all our neighbors to come around back and visit and eat donuts! I love holiday traditions! One of my favorites is the traditional German meal that my mom makes on Christmas eve. We then read the Christmas story and sing carols.