The impact of 9 11 on politics and war: the day that changed everything?

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The world is, however, a different place. There are obvious objections to counterfactual history, as speculating "what if? Alternatively, a steady accumulation of smaller attacks — an embassy in Africa here, a warship in the Red Sea there — may have provoked a large-scale US response.

What impact did 9/11 have on the world?

Crucially, Iraq too may well have come under attack regardless. Would they have been able to win over the more moderate Republicans, get it through the Senate, rally support at the UN, convince Tony Blair? But I think it would have tried. Assuming the neocons did carry the day, "much of what has happened since would obviously have happened anyway", Lieven points out.

A new "greatest generation? Six Stanford experts talk about the world since that terrible day a decade ago.

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As we approach the 10th anniversary of the al-Qaeda attacks of Sept. The most striking change has been the emergence in the United States of a garrison mentality. In the name of security, Washington embarked in on a course of open-ended war. Yet the military has shouldered this burden alone.

Meanwhile, these policies have brought death to hundreds of thousands of Iraqis and tens of thousands of Afghans. A perpetual state of chaos reigns.

The United States is more intolerant and less curious about the world beyond the walls of the garrison. State legislatures have introduced harsh legislation against immigrants and demonized Islam.

Terror and Faith: 9/11 Terror Attack (2/2)

Few question Guantanamo — or a U. Study of foreign language, history, literature, and the arts — knowledge that might inform a dialogue with the "barbarians" — is mostly ignored. Huddled in their insular world, Americans imagine that technology — drones, computers and smartphones — will make the world safer for them, no matter what the costs for foreign civilians.

Delusion has followed tragedy in the garrison state. My 3-year-old is on a Department of Homeland Security blacklist. The problem is his blessing of a name: Kabir. Kabir is Arabic for "great," but the name has a special significance on the Indian subcontinent, where it refers to a medieval mystic poet beloved by Hindus, Muslims and Sikhs.

How September 11 changed the world - Business Insider

But the DHS is, alas, deaf, dumb and blind to such cultural subtleties and the syncretism they capture — and, apparently, to age. So, last week when we flew from Delhi to San Francisco, Kabir underwent special screenings and pat-downs, although his unruly tresses produced some confusion about his gender in addition to the concern with his possible involvement with an unspecified terrorist network.

Once I clarify his status with the DHS, his name will not be simply struck from the blacklist but will be included in another list — individuals who sound like they might be terrorists but are not.

1. There's continued military presence in Afghanistan.

In other ways, however, our times uncannily echo past eras. The reliance on covert aerial policing; military occupations that deny their own existence; and a democratic polity sufficiently appeased by the discretion with which occupation and counter-insurgency are pursued — these were features of the interwar British occupation of the Middle East, too.

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Remembering how America experienced 9/11

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