Theoretical & Numerical Combustion

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Numerical simulation of inert and reactive flows by the Finite Element Method. Aita, A. Forestier, J.

Levy, N. Montmayeur, A. Tabbal, H. Numerical computation of bifurcation phenomena and pattern formation in combustion. Bayliss, B. Matkowsky, M. An explicit Runge-Kutta method for turbulent reacting flows calculations. Knock prediction in spark ignition engines. Cox, R. Myhill, W. A local extinction of the thermo-diffusive premixed flame at low Lewis number. Computer simulation of detailed processes occurring at near extinction conditions of flame spread over solid fuels. Induction period generation of a supersonic flame.

A numerical solution for reacting and non reacting flow. On the equations for reactive granular flow.


Implicit schemes for subsonic combustion problems. Numerical study of curvature effects on flame quenching. Fernandez, B. Larrouturou, G.

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E 87 , — Published 3 April Abstract We present a detailed theoretical and numerical study of combustion waves in a discrete one-dimensional disordered system. Issue Vol. Authorization Required. Log In. Figure 1 Distribution of the distances between neighboring hot spots.

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The polygonal lines are the histogram of specific realization, smooth lines are theoretical probability density Eq. Figure 2 Pair distribution function for cells in the system for different values of the shaping parameter. The ignition temperatures are indicated over each line. Dots are results of numerical solution of Eq. Markers are the results of direct numerical solution of Eq. Markers are direct calculations; lines are theoretical dependence Polygonal lines are the specific realizations obtained by numerical solution of the equation 2 , smooth lines are the theoretical probability density Eqs.

Polygonal lines are the specific realizations obtained by numerical solution of Eq. Markers are data of [ 9 ], solid line r x is the theoretical dependence 25 and 26 for gamma distribution. Zinatne Press,Riga, , in Russian. Choi, Z.

Rusak and A. Numerical simulation of premixed chemical reactions with swirl.

Theoretical and Numerical Combustion Second Edition

Combustion theorie and modelling, 6 11 —, Douglas and R. On the numerical sulution of heat conduction problems in two and three space variables. Gupta, D. Lilley and N.


Swirl Flows. Abacus Press, Kalis, I. Zake and A.

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Numerical study of 2D MHD convection around periodically placed cylinders. Marinaki, U. Strautins and Lietuvietis. On the numerical simulation of the combustion process with simple chemical reaction. Tallinn University of Technology, ISBN Kovenya and N. The method of decomposition in gaz dynamical problems. Nauka Press, Novosibirsk, , in Russian. AIAA Journal, 15 8 —, Finite Element Method Magnetics.

Online Course – Fundamentals of Turbulent Combustion

Version 4. Mittal, H. Pitsh and F. Combustion Theory and Modelling, 16 3 —, Syred and J. Combustion and Flame, 23 2 —,